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Do you store any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) (e.g. usernames, name addresses, emails)?
All content handled by our applications is stored directly into Atlassian OnDemand. We only store client information provided and generated by Atlassian for license validation purposes only. No sensitive data are stored or accessed by QC Analytics. For more information check our Privacy Policy page.
Do you perform independent penetration testing?
Yes, a penetration test is carried out on an annual basis.
Do you hold any information security certification?
Yes. QC Analytics is certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 since May 12, 2022.
Do you have a backup policy?
Yes, we make sure that our customers’ data are backed up on a daily basis.
Encryption  SSL/TLS
All traffic between our company and the user’s browser is encrypted in transit.
Code review
All our code is peer-reviewed to guarantee that our code is safe and maintainable.
Security Updates
When a security issue is discovered, we aim to add security fixes for the current release of the product to the next update. For more information on our Security Incident Management Process please read this page https://support.qc-analytics.com/security-incident-management-process/.
I added the app, but it isn’t featuring in the “Manage Apps” section
This means that the installation wasn’t successful. Seems like the connection with Atlassian is responsible for that. Trying to re-install the addon usually resolves the issue.
Users belonging to an admin group can’t remove other users from QC R&U Page Overview
Make sure the admin group was granted the right permissions. Go to Space Settings > Permissions > Groups and under the “Pages” column select the “Add” check box. Note that the group should also have “View” permissions.
In which Industries and Regions are the QC for Confluence Cloud apps used?
There is a wide variety of industries and regions that use the QC apps (pharmaceutical companies, sports companies, marketing experts, etc). More information can be found in the article Industries & Regions that are using the QC for Confluence cloud apps.
Is there a way to bulk assign users to R&U on a lot of pages?
There is a feature implemented to the QC Read & Understood that lets you add multiple users on multiple pages. For more information see here.
Do you have a Public Security Policy?
Yes, you can find our Public Security Policy here.
Does the QC Read & Understood app work on a free Confluence Cloud?
Yes, the QC Read & Understood app works on a free Confluence Cloud, however, since you are not able to edit the space permissions, you may miss a few really interesting features of the app.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us at support@qc-analytics.com.