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QC Read & Understood

QC Read & Understood for Confluence Cloud app helps companies keep track of users and the pages they reviewed.

Add the Read & Understood tool at the top of the page (byline) or add the Signature Box macro to help people you work with accept a page by clicking the “Read & Understood” button.

r&u review lists

R&U review lists

Use the R&U macros to see what pages people have accepted. Display tables of users, pages, labels and groups and keep track of your colleagues reviews.

Report pages

r&u report pages

See an overview of the total progress of your Confluence site reviews. Use the Overview pages to have a better picture of what content your Confluence members accept or revoke.

Datetime of review

See the date, time and version of Confluence page a user has reviewed.

Export content

Export your Confluence pages by selecting the file format you want from the report pages.