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In this article we are going to talk about how the QC Read & Understood app treats unlicensed users. What happens when a user is removed from Confluence / denied access to Confluence? Below we will explain to you when users are displayed as unlicensed [e.g. Maria (unlicensed)], when they’re completely removed from the table, and when they’re still displayed without any changes. But first let’s see what does “unlicensed user” mean.

What is an unlicensed user?

When you deny a user access to Confluence Cloud this user will no longer be able to view any content within that specific instance or even login it as well. You can find more information about the unlicensed users and how they are treated in Confluence here.

How does QC Read & Understood treat unlicensed users?

Let’s say you have an employee about to leave your company that we will name them Maria for the purposes of this article.

Unlicensed users will be displayed as unlicensed [e.g. Maria (unlicensed)] only in one case and that is on QC R&U by user macro.

Unlicensed users will still be displayed as Unlicensed [e.g. Maria (unlicensed)] in the two following cases:

  1. QC R&U Page Overview report, and
  2. QC R&U by page macro.

Unlicensed users won’t be displayed at all in the following cases:

  1. QC R&U by label macro, and
  2. QC R&U by user group(s) macro.

With the Enhanced Search feature being publicly available from March 20, 2023, you have the opportunity to select whether you want to display R&U data of unlicensed users or not.

There are two cases where you can select to display ONLY the unlicensed users:

  1. QC R&U Site Overview, and
  2. QC R&U Space Overview.

Below you can see an example of how the R&U data of unlicensed users are displayed on the QC R&U Space Overview.

There may be some delays before the changes become apparent. In that case, you can hit the Sync button on space settings (Space Settings QC R&U) to solve this.

Updated on April 4, 2023

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