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Synchronize your User Groups automatically

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QC Read & Understood now gives you the opportunity to synchronize your user groups automatically.

Synchronize your user groups

When new users are added to a group all QC R&U Page Overview reports get automatically updated once a day. However, you can synchronize your tables any time you want. Simply visit the QC R&U Page Overview report page, go over to the Groups tab and click on the Sync button.

Keep in mind that, in case you remove a user from a group, they won’t be deleted from the QC R&U Page Overview reports. The feature only adds users to the pages, it doesn’t remove them.

If you want to exclude a group from syncing you can remove it from the QC R&U Page Overview, without it removing the users from the page.

You can see when was the last sync date by visiting the Space Settings.

  1. go to Space Settings
  2. from the Add-ons tab choose the QC – R&U
  3. Scroll to Page RnU User Group Sync
synchronize your user groups
Updated on February 2, 2022

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