Sharing R&U Document Pages

We are currently working on adding a new QC Read & Understood feature that notifies the users via email whenever they have a document to mark as “Read & Understood”. As for now there are two ways someone can share Read & Understood document pages.

The first way is by clicking Share on the upper right corner of the page and entering the names of the users that he/she wants to share the content with. After selecting “Send” the users will get notified that you shared a page with them and will get notified every time the pages gets updated.

share page content

share page content with people

The second way is by managing the watchers of a particular page. To do so click on the eye icon on the upper right corner and select “Manage watchers”. From there you can manage the users that can watch the page or the space. The users then will get notified every time the page (or the space) gets updated. You also have the option to remove a user so that he/she will not get changes notifications from now on.

watching page

manage watchers
Updated on January 29, 2021

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