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QC Read & Understood integration with Comala Publishing app

The QC Read & Understood app integrates with the Comala Publishing app, giving you the opportunity to notify assigned users that there is a new page version they need to review. Read below to see how this integration works.

How it works

Set up Draft and Published spaces

First you have to set up your draft and published spaces and make sure that you are using the same version strategy on both of them. You can learn more about version strategies by reading the “Choosing your Version Strategy” article.

Set up the Publishing app and Sync your page

Make sure to follow the Comala Publishing app’s instructions on how to publish your pages through spaces. Once you are ready with the space’s configuration, you are now ready to publish your page using the Sync button provided by Comala.

Add users to the Published space

Now that you have published your page through your spaces, you have to go to the published space, navigate to the QC R&U Page Overview, add your users, and make sure that the “Notify users for page changes automatically” is enabled.

You can learn more about adding users to R&U a page by reading the “Assign users to R&U your pages” article.

Giving permissions to the app

The last thing you need to keep in mind is that the QC Read & Understood app needs to have Edit permissions on your published page.

That’s it!

If you have completed the steps above, the two apps should integrate just fine! Now, every time you use the Comala Publishing app to publish a new page version, all the assigned users will get an email notification saying that they need to review the page again due to page changes.

The QC Read & Understood app integrates best with the Comala Publishing app if you are using the “based on the built-in Confluence version” strategy, or the “based on Page Properties macro” one. We aim on making it available for the “based on the QC Revision Value” strategy as well.

Updated on August 18, 2023

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