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How to get Employees’ Training Record

One of the many features the QC Read & Understood for Confluence Cloud app has to offer to the companies that use it, is to keep up with the employees’ training record.

It is in fact quite easy to use the app and here you will see how you can monitor the progress your fellow workers are making regarding their training.

Let’s say you have already created your training pages within a space exclusively for that purpose.

Get the work done with User Groups

You can choose to use the QC Read & Understood by user groups macro. To do this you have to follow the steps below:

1. Create a group containing only the people who need to train (training group). Read here how to create a user group.

2. Assign them to R&U the training pages. The steps to assign certain pages to user groups are the following:

  • go to the page tools menu and click on QC R&U Page Overview
qc r&u page overview
  • select “Add Users” and choose the user group you want
add user groups
  • Do these steps for all your training pages and you are done!
qc r&u page overview users added

3. Create a new page and insert the QC R&U by user groups macro. In order to have your displayed tables more organized use labels on the pages.

training groups progress

Get the records with user pages

If you choose to use the QC Read & Understood by user macro do this:

1 . Create a page where you will monitor the records

2 . Within this page create new ones for each of your users and insert the QC Read & Understood by user macro.

eric thomsons's records

Please keep in mind that no matter which macro you use, there will be displayed only the approved pages, whether a user accepted an older version or the current one. To see the pending reviews go to QC R&U Page Overview report page.

Get the records with Site Overview

In case you want to have your reports more organized you can use the QC R&U Site Overview report page. To find the page click on “Apps” and select QC R&U Site Overview.

From there you can filter your search by choosing the space and the user group you want to monitor. You can choose to display your results by user list or by page list.

site overview by user list display using labels

site overview by page list display using labels
Updated on January 27, 2021

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