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How to Export with SCROLL PDF

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If you want to know how to export your documents with Scroll PDF without missing the assigned QC Revision Value, watch this video or follow the steps below.

Export with Scroll PDF

1. First add a Page Properties macro

page properties macro browser

2. On the Page Properties add a Table with two columns. On the first column add the title “Revision” and on the second insert the QC Revision Value macro

qc revision value macro browser

3. After you publish your page go to QC Page Revision Overview and assign your QC Revision Values with the corresponding Confluence version numbers

assign revision value

4. From the Space Settings click on Add-ons > Scroll PDF Exporter and create a new template

5. Go to Document Sections and insert a Page Property macro on every section’s header you want to show the QC Revision Value. For instance, go to Title and on the header type “Revision”, then click on the + icon and type page property, select and insert the macro

document sections scroll pdf exporter

6. On the “Insert Placeholder” window type “Revision” as the key of the page property you want to insert and click Save.

insert placeholder scroll pdf

7. From the three dots on the upper right corner of the Confluence page select Export with Scroll PDF Exporter and choose the template you just created

exporting pdf with scroll pdf exporter

8. Export and you are done!

final pdf exported
The “Not assigned” means that the current Confluence version is not assigned to a revision number

Updated on February 24, 2022

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