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Documentation for QC Template Launcher

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The QC Template Launcher for Confluence Cloud is an app designed to help SMEs import our ready-to-use space templates to their Confluence Cloud site.

The usage of the app is really simple! All you have to do is purchase an ISO pack from our store and follow the steps below to start using the resources we created for you.

How to import a space

Importing a ready-to-use space template becomes really easy with the QC Template Launcher app. Let’s dive into it.

  1. Install the QC Template Launcher app from the Atlassian Marketplace to your Confluence instance.
  2. Open the QC Template Launcher app from the Apps menu (Apps QC Template Launcher).
  3. Type the license key provided by us after you purchased the ISO pack of your preference.
  4. Configure your ISMS space. Give your new space a name and a unique space key.
  5. Import the space template by clicking the “Import” button.

Your new space has now been created and it’s ready for you to use it!

Updated on April 21, 2023

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